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People across the world are two types, those guided by mandatory value, trust and those who are short both and morally bankrupt. Part.1

We live in a world whereby we see many things that pleases us and things that displeases us. We see good people in which their goodness noticed by fast majority of their people and bad people in which their immoral may good things in their lives noticed by fast majority of their people. We see people who are busy doing good round the hour and immoral people who never feel shy doing shame round the hour. We have noticed people in which their deeds liked by everyone that knows them and people who never think above their personal wallets. We have seen good people that if you made them little favour, they will respond with thousand times more than what made for them in the past and bad people who will exploit you when they need, they pretend as good people to get what they need from you or cheat you. People label these bad people as opportunist.

All of us have experienced good people with good hearts and bad people with bad hearts that are busy round the hour to cheat, to lie, to deny, to rob and to steal. Good moral is not the reflection of these bad. Their aim is obtain as much wealth they could right and wrong. People labelled these bad people as selfish nature or greedy mentality. I have noticed five economical liars who never feel shy cheating people. Economical liars since they are short of moral principle, then they feel shame to lie just to gain selfish gain which is morally wrong. Each day, we make the same choice hundreds of times: whether to lie or tell the truth. It often happens without thinking, and we ignore the profound impact of these seemingly inconsequential decisions.

Liars and thieves never have peace in mind as they feel guilty internally all the time. Economical liars are those who lie for the sake of financial benefit and they are short of moral, short of ethics, short of trust, short of principle, short of dignity, short of prestige, short of respect, short of good image, short of good name, short of value in the eyes of the society. Truth hurts the liar. A lie with a purpose is one of the worst kind of lie and who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time till at length it becomes habitual. People all the world are two types, those guided by good moral, mandatory principles and those who are short both of like the two situations that I have personally recently experienced. Stealing is not short of money, but it is a habit which is lack of morality. Thieves’ makes false oaths to try make their statements sound more convincing to people and even though stealing is unlawful under the law; however, a thief is not the person who steals bread during a famine which is the case of my current experiences for two persons.

Greediness makes some make people taking foolish decisions that will land them in trouble and great regret later in life and a man with a briefcase can steal millions more than any man with a gun. The reason that thieves steal others is, they believe that everyone is a thief like them and as a result, they did feel shame to steal. Moral is a career that carries with at all times and gone had anyone commit against moral laws. Human being in any part of the world equipped with natural default obligatory values or natural sensors that enables us to differentiate the right from wrong, but these are short from the liars and the thieves as all the time, they employ unhealthy acts that damages their personality in the eyes of the public.

The liar intends to deceive or mislead. The liar believes that what they are ‘saying’ is not true. There are some features that people think are part of lying but aren’t actually necessary: A lie does not have to give false information. A lies does not have to be told with a bad (malicious) intention – white lies are an example of lies told with a good intention. This definition says that what makes a lie a lie is that the liar intends to deceive (or at least to mislead) the person they are lying to. It says nothing about whether the information given is true or false. This definition covers ordinary cases of lying and these two odd cases as well: the case where someone inadvertently gives true information while believing that they’re telling a lie. Our Islamic religion value and education are the barriers to stop us doing shameful deeds.

People all over the word are two types namely those who are driven by moral and those who are short of moral. People who are equipped with moral value are free from any greediness and those who are short of moral mandatory value. There is a reasonable line between everything. Good or bad are just reactions of people for a given situation. Morality and immorality is based on the maintenance of balance. Money is essential requirement in our daily life, but liking money in immoral manner makes greedy personalities unashamed. The words such as dignity, moral, respect, good image, ethics is not in their records. The daily experiences make us to see stingy/greedy people who are blind for all good manner of standard. I have noted three persons that, their love of money makes them indifferent with the main stream of the society. If some posses these qualities, the chances of improvement appears to be impossible. Greedy is the desire to have more of something than you need. That greed is a bad thing and that being stingy with money or possessions is unkind. Greed doesn’t just have to do with money.

Greed is one of the worst aspects that human beings can possess. Nobody likes a greedy person. People try to avoid them; but, it’s just a temporary solution. The sea does not reward those who are too greedy and selfish Selfishness, immorality and greediness are the greatest. Being moral is when an individual is concerned with the principles of right and wrong behaviour. Being immoral is when the individual is not concerned with the principles of right and wrong. An immoral person goes against the accepted standards of behaviour. I have practically experienced five persons close to me by blood that suits above the above bad description and three persons that exceptional qualities noticed across Somaliland. These three persons are noble quality liked everyone that knows them. Their generosity, their good hearts, their good deeds, their good nature, their exceptional qualities, their good intentions and their multiple qualities is known across Somaliland.

These three persons are decadents of great noble personality, the late Sheikh Madar Ahmed. There will be a day in which the names of five bad persons described above and three good persons their good qualities detailed in the above as there is a great difference between candle of light and darkness. The five of my relatives mentioned in the above are short of mandatory value and morally bankrupt while three persons of Sheikh Madar decedents are guided by good sense, good feeling, dignity, respect, trust, humanity, kindness and mandatory value. It is worth to mention one of the above bad persons mentioned in the above, one day advised me not extend help to anyone with the exception of himself and his children. Short of money will not make anyone by nature as a bad , but short of moral like the above will make the person as a bad person. The bottom line is, never trust someone simply, he is your relative as this proved counterproductive in many situations.Doing shame is common for these five persons so long they will benefit personally. People should be careful the exploiters that pretends as good persons in an effort to cheat you as experience speaks louder than theories. Part 2 will follow shortly.

Ismail Lugweyne

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