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The dream Somaliland to unit with the turmoil in Somalia is like an attempt to build palace in the air or construct highways in the air.

The culture of every nation is a competent of their civilisation. Civilization is the way of live to every society. Civilization is the making of civil persons. John Ruskin. Somaliland people from the extreme east to extreme west share same culture and same civilization. This culture and civilization is unique and different than the rest of Somalis in Somalia and this is the reason why Somaliland is enjoying peace, stability democracy based on multi party system and Somalia is experiencing chaos more than a decade. Somaliland people are different than the rest of Somalis reason being, they are experts how to make peace, how to make unity, how to make common grounds, how to make dialogue between them, how to make compromises between them and how to inspire each other. Above are unique characteristics that made Somaliland people different than the rest of Somalis. Over 90 % of Somali politicians prefer personal interest than the shared interest of their people. They settled their differences through the gun while the people of Somaliland settle their differences through dialogue, negotiation, compromise and brotherhood. Thinking dialogue and compromise between them is not short from their mentality. The international community spends not a billion US dollar to make peace in Somalia and despite this, making peace in Somalia appears in distant dream. Contrary, the peace in Somaliland is obtained free of cost reason being the unity and brotherhood between Somaliland people speaks louder than any anything else while there is tribal walls between the Somali clans and politicians. Unity and nationalism is rare in their thoughts.

Individualism speaks louder than the common interest of their people. Unity which is the only means to make peace between them is distant dream taken into consideration the reality in the ground. Somali is divided tribally and making common ground between them is like an attempt to build palace in the air, Build Bridge or high ways n the air reason unity and nationalism is rare scenery in their mentality. None of the Somali politicians have the vision to make good image with regard how to make good future of their country. The Somali politicians regardless the place of origin and the Somalis in general have one common vision which is t enmity they had against the Somaliland people. The rest of issues, they are divided. The Somali politicians include Farmajo advocates something they did not believe which means most of them are hypocrites. A hypocrite is the person who acts drama other than his own name. My experience for the Somalis is not less 30 years and as a result I have practical experience what I have written above. I have the culture not be one-sided or biased while writing. I was sitting and chatting the Somalis in the south over 30 years and I found mainstream of them either concern self interest or tribal interest. Above realities compels Somaliland never the above chaos. I have the culture not write anything unless I have an evidence to prove it.

Somaliland to unit with Somalia means sourcing chaos to Somaliland. It means making disaster. It means instability in Somaliland like Somalia. It means chaos in Somaliland like Somalia. It means division in Somaliland like Somalia. It means no peace in Somaliland like Somalia. It means importing mafia to Somaliland. It means lose hope. It means cross roads in Somaliland like Somalia. It means political bankruptcy in Somaliland like Somalia. It means importing Al-Shabab in Somaliland like Somalia. It means pirates in Somaliland like Somalia. The chaos and the lawless in Somalia have created pirates and Al-Shabab in many parts of Somalia. Somali leadership in Somalia make their first priority on their personal gains and not to liberate their country from Al-Shabab rule in many parts of Somalia. In reality, hundreds of thousands of Somali people are hostage of Al-Shabab rule and their government has no vision to liberate these people from Al-Shabab rule. Thousands of Somali people have surrendered to Al-Shabab when their government has failed to pay attention their suffering inflected by Al-Shabab.

Somali leadership has failed to draw road man to liberate their country from Al-Shabab rule and this has generated the disappointment of Somali people to reach its peak. Somalia is a country that has been plagued by Al-Shabab suicide bombers for almost ten years. The number of widows weeping for lost loves ones and the families who no longer have breadwinners, the children who are fatherless and our poor country. The worst crisis in Somalia at present is the effects of Al-Shabab and their Terrorist attacks. Their terrorism poses a far greater danger to Somalia and the region. Somalia remains the main theatre for al-Shabab’s operation and terrorism poses to the region would thus depend on the relative strength of the security, socio-economic and political responses in Somalia. Terrorism is something that can be stopped had we build active, meaningful coalition of allies. Terrorism in Somalia uses extremist to scare the public into meeting their demands.

These terrorist believe that if they can cause some sort of panic that they can force people to fear them and in turn, have power over them. Their tactics are generally extremely violent and they will do whatever is necessary to strike fear into the hearts of those they deem to be their enemy. What can be done to combat terrorist? Is there any way that we can keep ourselves safe from these extremist? One of the first things to do is to find out all of the methods that these terrorists use and understand their strategies. One of the greatest tools that can be used to combat terrorism is to simply get citizens involved and make sure they understand how important it is to report anything that is out of place. The terrorist believe that they can successfully attack us and escape without harm, they will become more bold and dangerous. Preventing and combating terrorism require to make strategy to fight terrorism like addressing conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism, building allies in the region that have the capacity to prevent and combat terrorism and ensuring the respect for human rights for all and the rule of law as the fundamental basis for countering terrorism. The effects of terrorism are a global issue and therefore, there is a need for the international community to make counter-terrorism projects around the world as the effects of terrorism is not limited only to Somalia. We need to work aggressively pursue joint and coalition military operations to crush and destroy Al-Shabab master brains and their hidden cells and those shelter them.

The strength of Al-Shabab has been divided and weakened militarily. Terrorism poses a threat to our security, to the values of our democratic societies and to the rights and freedoms. .Al-Shabab abandoned conventional fighting in favour of a hit and run tactic of asymmetric warfare and they opted for using small units or cells that draw on local elements and use external expertise – to conduct attacks in Mogadishu and in the region, particularly Kenya. Al-Shabab will not be won through terrorism and making fear the public. In view of above, the world family should win the ‘war of ideas and extremism to defeat Al-Shabab threat in Somalia. Addressing the threat of terrorism in the world must be top priority as this global issue. Somalia central government is weak and even its army forces is divided. The question is how divided army can defeat Al-Shabab terrorism in their country. Somali government miniseries and the two houses of their parliament earn high salaries while their various forces like military and their policies are not paid constantly. Again, how can an unpaid army can defeat Al-Shabab extremism? The effect of terrorism is a global issue and therefore, there should be global responsibility from the end of international community to make counter-terrorism projects around the world as the effect of terrorism is not limited only to Somalia. It is reported many of Somali army soldiers sold their weaponry when their government has failed to pay the wages of army forces.

None of Somali successive governments until at present had the vision to look down the interest of their army which the country is hostage to un-nationalist leaders. In view of above, there is no single justification that justices Somaliland to unit with Somalia. Over a quarter century, Somalia is known the centre of anarchy like piracy, human trafficking, poverty, corruption, cross roads, leadership crisis, political tribalism, injustice, public assets looting, lawlessness, absences of peace-stability, tribal divisions, refuges crisis, starvation, foreign power domination which are all manmade disaster and as a result, the international community labelled Somalia as failed state. The Somali problem is a result of continued conflict its social, economic and political effects, prolonged conflict and catastrophic crisis. Political power abuse, unprecedented level of corruption (looting), injustice, insecurity, wrong execution of state building strategy, lack of public service delivery were the lessons and legacies learned from former governments.

The Somali people suffer bad reputation for corruption, disunity, and foreign domination. During Somali presidential campaign, all presidential candidates advocated for quick and real positive change to prevent further deterioration of the Somali situation. Somalia should not stay behind any longer a privatized country for contractors, looters, terrorists, and polluters. This contradicts the general public expectation for changing course to improve the livelihood of the Somali people. Disaster is mainly two types, manmade and natural disaster like famine and earthquakes, 95 % if not more for Somali problem are manmade disaster such as civil wars, manmade conflicts, the effects of Al-Shabab rule, political tribalism, tribal divisions, greedy politicians, the effects of warlords, power vacuum, political regionalism, corruption, injustices, illegal power struggle, piracy, human trafficking and forcing people to flee their homes that made them refugees either externally or internally. Somalis in the south have common traits with the Italians. The head quarter of international mafia in the world is Sicily in Italy. Mafia is political organization that attains its objects through violence’s and assignations. Many Somali politicians behaves like mafia and this the reason why Somalia is chaos over a decade.

Somaliland independences will not be scarified in exchange the chaos in Somalia. In conclusion, we love Somaliland reason being, it is the place we born, brought up and our ancestors originate from. It is a place whereby thousands sacrificed their lives to liberate this country from dictatorship rule that lasted 22 years. Zooming up, Somaliland independences is obtained at the cost of 100, 000 lives and the destruction of the property accumulated more than 100 years and as a result, uniting Somaliland with Somalia is like a wish to accomplish impossible or fraction of zero. Somali leadership like Farmajo has to release Somaliland separation to Somalia is permanent as the voice and the willpower of Somaliland people is the strongest asset that no has the ability to defeat or surround it and as a result, there is moral responsibility the international community to recognize the aspiration and the determination of Somaliland people.

In the past, it was believed the global is flat, but it is later released it like an egg shape. Likewise if Somaliland was part of Somalia from 1960 and until 1991, from 18 may, 1991 and onward, it is another country different than Somalia. This is permanent that no has the ability to alter it In conclusion, Somaliland was not a piece and parcel of Somalia from 18 May 1991 and as I consequence, the Somali leadership like Farmajo has to concentrate the chaos in their country rather than dreaming Somaliland to join the turmoil in Somalia. Somaliland people are not prepared to live a decade of instability like what we are experiencing in Somalia as no one is willing to exchange peace in his country in favour of chaos. The world has labelled Somaliland as island of peace and new model of African democracy. Such description is like a day dream wish to happen in Somalia in view of unwise mentality and the poor leadership of Somali politicians.

Ismail Lugweyne

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